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Who We Are

Hello. My name is Van Dwinnells and I manage Envy Lawn Care. We are a Family Owned Small Business operated out of Auburn, Illinois. Born and raised in central Illinois, our family is deeply rooted in the area and knows it and the community well. We always put our best foot forward and aspire to do good and be good representing our great community the best we can. If you see us out and about don't hesitate to say Hello.

About Us: About Us

Our Mission

Improve People's World's One Property At a Time


Expertise | Efficiency | Excellence

It’s time to create that outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of. The friendly and experienced professionals at Envy Lawn Care are here to bring your vision to life.

Our mission is to Improve People's World's. Maybe that is through building that beautiful deck, constructing that scenic landscaping you've always dreamed of, or possibly it is creating a lush yard with grass that you want to lay down in and take time to ponder life's mysteries. Maybe the extent of improving your world is making sure your lawn is properly maintained to free up your time for life's more important things. It is your world but our responsibility to help you develop it. 


Our knowledge and on-the-job expertise allow us to be efficient and cost effective creating a better value for our clients. Our teams are equipped, trained, and operating at the highest levels to provide quality that reflects excellence and proficiency in craft and commitment to care. We don't just meet expectations, we exceed them.  Expertise, Efficiency, and Excellence. 

Let us make caring for your lawn carefree allowing you to spend your free time the way you want to.


Whether it is just bringing some vigor into your lawn, creating a beautiful landscape for all to enjoy, or giving you time back each week for the things that matter; Here at Envy Lawn Care, we strive to make your property one to Envy.

Above the Clouds

What We Do

Envy Lawn Care has built a reputation of reliability, quality, and value. We're a locally owned small business based out of Auburn, Illinois.

We aim to be responsive, available, and present to assist with your residential or commercial needs providing quality lawn care, landscaping, as well as many other exterior yard solutions at affordable rates.

We proudly serve central Illinois and the greater capital city area and look forward to serving you.

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