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Payment Methods

We prefer payment via Card on File for weekly and maintenance services. We send an invoice soon after each weekly service(s) are completed and charge the card you've chosen to add to our secure & trusted payment system.


You no longer have to remember to pay, count how many mows, or coordinate times to deliver payment.  Our easy payment system is just one example of how we are Helping to Improve Your World!  


It's simple!  Just ask us how! 


We also accept these other forms of payment with no fees    Cash | Check

Make checks out to   Envy Lawn Care   |  Mail to: 1215 Pueblo Ln  Auburn, IL 62615

QuickPay® with Zelle® - search for us using

For assistance making payment please call/text 217.724.8628

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We also accept payments via
PayPal | Venmo | Credit/Debit Card | Facebook Pay | Google Pay
*fees may apply - Underlined Links above can be clicked

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To pay using PayPal's Checkout System

Enter the address where services were performed as well as the total due then click the corresponding link to the payment method you would like to use below.

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