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FAQ & Helpful Information

Below are common questions we get asked, issues we have ran across while conducting business, or standard procedures we operate by. We have provided information to help alleviate any confusion and help to provide clearer communication to our clients and transparency to what is expected from our services. If you don't see the information you require, please submit the form below to inquire. We will respond as soon as we can. Thank you for making our website as good as it can be.


What is Normal Cut Height?

In an attempt to maintain the health of your grass, prevent weed intrusion, and provide a lawn you can be proud of; we promote cutting no more than a 1/3 of your grass blade height per mow. Cut heights vary on yard conditions and grass type but most typically are cut between 3"- 4" for most of the season and shorter toward the final mow's.

How Often is Service & When?

To maintain a properly manicured lawn, we offer weekly services. Unfortunately, we must maintain a schedule to ensure our properties are cut in a timely manner so we cannot alter the day of your service, the time of service, or allow skipping service without at least 3 Days Notice Prior to your service date. Your Service Date will be chosen as it best fits within our route. If special days or times are to be requested, there may be additional charges.

Biweekly or One Time Services?

We would love the opportunity to serve you and earn your business. We do try to provide/offer these services, but they are limited as our client list and routes fill up. Later in the season, we may not be able to accommodate. 


Biweekly services cost 1.75x the normal rate. For example, if your yard is normally $40 weekly, your biweekly rate would be $70. We must provide these services at higher rate due to the added wear/tear & time on our equipment as well as the logistics of maintaining and billing multiple schedules. Biweekly or One Time Services are not prioritized such as our weekly services and will be done as soon as possible and as our schedule allows. One Time Services will incur additional charges if heavily overgrown and are not a substitute or alternative to weekly maintenance. As hard as we try to offer great value to our clients, we must also be fair to our regular clients, for our invested time, as well as the use and maintenance of our equipment used to provide reliable and top notch services.

When Do You Start/Stop Mowing?

Our normal season goes from March 1st - November 30th.  The first few and last few services may be on a biweekly basis or as needed if the season is late/early or long/short.  That means we may start or end within a few weeks of those dates.  When possible, we will mow/mulch leaves to help with yard cleanups in the early Spring & late Fall even if the grass is not growing much to make sure your yard is looking its best and ready for the season. Due to the extra time and work involved in those beginning or ending services they typically carry an upcharge applied. Most of the time, these upcharges are around 2x -3x the normal service rate. If it is more than 3x the mow rate it will be considered a property cleanup and we will reach out to discuss potential charges further.  As a rule of thumb, at some point in March we typically begin biweekly services. By April service is weekly and at normal rates. At some point in October, services tend to move to biweekly services and by November our services have typically transitioned to leaf mulching and cleanups.  Yearly maintenance services usually equates to 36 Total Mows [or equivalent charges to 36 Total Mows] give or take a few for a year's worth of services.  Every property is different, and these numbers are only rule of thumb.  Please contact us if you have further questions.  We take pride in listening to our clients positive and negative and aim to provide unsurpassed client services. We are happy to clear up any confusion or questions during these transitionary periods of lawn maintenance.

What Are My Spring/Fall Cleanup Options?

We Offer Three Levels of Cleanup Services to Accommodate a Variety of Needs and Budgets

1. Budget Conscious 

This option consists of mulching all leaves with a mower (no haul away). There will be leaves left but most will have been dealt with. This is a great opportunity to use the leaves as a natural fertilizer.


2. Mixed Cleanup

This option includes the previous budget conscious technique where we mulch most leaves, but we also include blowing out of all landscape beds as well as those hard-to-reach places. We will also rake and haul away any additional leaves and debris as needed to ensure a great looking yard. This is our Most Popular Option.

3. Pristine Cleanup

This option provides the most attention and care to leave your lawn looking the best it can be. We will mow, rake, and collect any debris that needs cleaned up. If requested, we will even perform light trimming to trees or light pruning of your bushes/shrubbery as well as cleanup any areas of your lawn that may require additional attention. This is the most expensive option, but we will meticulously comb through your property to ensure it is looking amazing. We recommend this service to be performed after most the leaves in your area have dropped to ensure a long-term return on your investment.

Are Estimates/Consultations Free?

Yes! All simple project estimates & consultations are free! Only when we are requested to develop any kind of plan or proposal that would take hours of development or invested time would we require any kind of fee. This does not usually occur on jobs smaller than $5000 as a rule of thumb.

Weeds Are Out of Control! But My Lawn Looks Great!

We strive to provide excellent quality when servicing your property, but our weekly lawn maintenance programs do not include landscape bed weeding or trimming any weeds that are growing in rocks or areas that may be susceptible to damage or throwing rocks/wood chips. This limits our liability of damaging your house/building, vehicles, people, or any neighboring vehicles, property, or pedestrians. Yes, we have insurance but safety and minimizing risk and damages is priority to our operations for you, your property, and our staff. Because they require varying level of services and attention outside of normal lawn mowing, we don't include them in our regular weekly maintenance. We do offer separate weeding services and landscape bed maintenance for additional costs and would be happy a package to include those services and help get rid of those pesky weeds!

Does Envy Lawn Care Offer Snow Removal?

We do offer Snow Removal to existing clients. They take priority. We do offer plowing, snowblowing, shoveling, & ice melt/salting on a as needed basis but schedule is limited. Typical Driveways Plowed range between $40 -$60 up to the first 4 inches. For instance, if it snowed and you have 6 inches of accumulation, you may be charged an additional $10 per inch - so what would've been $40 may now be $60. If you also wanted the walkways cleared and icemelt put down you may be adding another $40 or so depending on size. 

Hopefully this information has cleared up any questions you may have. Please let us know if there is something else we may help you with. Thank You.

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