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Admin. | Content Manager

You can Work From Home / Remotely

Job Type

Part Time with potential for Full Time

About the Role

You are a member of management and your opinions and directions will be taken seriously. You will work and take directives directly from the owner.

  • You will be expected to perform extensive writing, research & source content, edit, update, & oversee content creation for the company’s online platforms on a weekly basis. 

  • You will be taking most phone calls and routing them to the appropriate team/employees

  • You will be the main contact for emails & other digital forms of communication

  • You will be expected to assist Field Technicians & Team Lead/Project Foremen with site questions, customer relations, & coordination between multiple service crews

  • You will be responsible for collecting and verifying hours for employees as well as monitoring team morale and behaviors

  • Monthly tasks will be given to Develop Marketing/Advertising materials & strategies like creating targeted articles written and published to develop online authority & SEO. 

  • Weekly monitoring the competition’s online activities 

  • On a daily basis you will be assisting with our bookkeeping, creating estimates, & helping to properly send invoices and collect payments.


  • Advanced writing and editing skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to come up with creative ideas

  • Strong leadership and management skills

  • Detailed knowledge of current online tools and marketing trends, including SEO

  • Ability to solve problems with little direction

  • Advanced computer knowledge

  • Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail

About the Company

We are a quickly growing leader in the lawn care industry in central Illinois. We are positioning Envy Lawn Care to expand into new territories and offer new services to bring value to our clients as well as our employees. As we grow we also want you to grow with us! With you in mind, provided your feedback and direction, we will consistently provide new opportunities for our employees to develop, pursue their ambitions, and realize their goals.

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