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Team Lead | Project Foreman

Auburn, IL 62615, USA

Job Type

Full Time - Pay Based On Experience & Performance - $15-$20+/hr

About the Role

You will lead field crew in performing various lawn care maintenance services such as mowing, trimming, edging walkways/curbs, as well as perform property clean ups and assist with landscaping projects for residential & commercial clients. 

You will be required to: 

  • Report to administration/management each morning to review the day’s work Taking inventory & appropriating all tools, fuel, equipment, materials each morning ensuring the vehicle is properly loaded & then unloaded each evening making sure to check and maintain the truck and equipment with proper oil, fluids, tire pressures, and making sure all trailer connection, lights/brakes, etc. work. 

  • You represent the Envy Lawn Care - our values and are responsible for our image in the community therefore you must observe all company procedures and policies at all times 

  • You take directions from Administration & Management but are allowed to manage other field employees and direct them according to the task at hand. Any kind of reprimanding will be dealt with at a management level and is not your direct responsibility. 

  • Implementing and training the proper use of safety equipment and ergonomic practices of field crew Enhancing safety and training procedures Acting as a liaison between clients, administrative staff, and vendors if/as needed Tracking field labor and budgeted hours on each project 

  • You must be able to Train field staff to perform efficiently and maintaining a log of performance issues 

  • Ability to maintain and enforce a drug-free workplace at all times - this includes not smoking in vehicles or on customers property 

  • You must review daily and weekly scheduled work and prepare and coordinate routing, tools, and employees as needed

  • Strong knowledge of lawn care, maintenance, plant identification, etc. 

  • There will be daily mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing of routed properties 

  • There will be seasonal pruning, trimming, and maintenance of landscape beds as needed 

  • There will be seasonal property clean ups and home services, including gutter cleaning and pressure washing 

  • Knowledge of basic use cases for typical hand tools, mowing equipment, and heavy equipment (training will be supplied as needed)

  • Other activities as temporarily or permanently assigned


You'll will run your own crew and route and/or projects with company truck and expected to do so with minimal direction from management. You have the most earning Potential and can earn commission from large sales/installations/contracts.

  • High school diploma or GED & 18+

  • Must be able to pass a background check & pass a drug screening

  • Must be able to pass a physical and vision exam

  • Must have reliable transportation to and from work every day

  • Must be legally able to be employed in the United States

  • Must have 1+ year of lawn care leadership experience

  • Possess and maintain a valid Driver’s License with a good driving record

  • Possess a valid checking or savings account upon employment acceptance

  • Ability to operate a smartphone and possess the ability to read maps, designs, and instructions

  • Ability to lift 50 lbs or more on a daily basis

  • Ability to interact professionally and respectfully with all clients, employees, and those from external organizations

  • Work Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm 

About the Company

We are a quickly growing leader in the lawn care industry in central Illinois. We are positioning Envy Lawn Care to expand into new territories and offer new services to bring value to our clients as well as our employees. As we grow we also want you to grow with us! With you in mind, provided your feedback and direction, we will consistently provide new opportunities for our employees to develop, pursue their ambitions, and realize their goals.

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